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    interviewer: Might Scott join you?

    Hotty McHoechlin is too adorable to be bearable

    “You want me on season three right!? THEN DO NOT ASK SUCH THINGS”


    Stiles starts developing a tolerance to his Adderall prescription and feels pressure to self-manage the medication in order keep his focus during research and pack-related nights out. It starts taking an unhealthy toll on him. [fic is upcoming]

    “Y’know, I really appreciate the fact that your heart grew three sizes today, but do me a favor and lay off.”

    “You need to stop.”

    “Hah, funny. You know what happens when I stop? I get distracted during research, I get lost in my head when there’s a group of angry hunters chasing us down, I forget important things - necessary things. And you know what happens next? People get hurt. And I can’t let that happen.”

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